DVFOB - Vote for Your Favorite Songs!

Fans, it’s your turn! “David Victor formerly of Boston: The Hits of Boston & More” is going to be adding some brand new original music to the reportoire for 2019! We’d love to hear what you think of some of David Victor’s original music (oldies-but-goodies) for possible inclusion in the set. The songs below are in no particular order. Don’t feel you have to listen to the whole song if you think it sucks! Just move on and try the next one until you’ve been spiritually uplifted or died of boredom. 

To play a song, just click the big orange play button. 

When you’re done listening, please post your top 3 song choices on the DVFOB Facebook Group. We’ll tabulate the results and post the top vote-getters here and on the Facebook Group.

Thank you for your support!