ROCK STARS & STRIPES™ – The American Rock Experience

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ROCK STARS & STRIPES™ – The American Rock Experience is a polished, high-impact live rock show with powerful and moving visuals celebrating the greatest American rock artists and hits of all-time. The show takes audiences on a “Rock & Roll Road Trip” across America with a positive, entertaining musical and visual experience. ROCK STARS & STRIPES celebrates the freedom and independence that America represents. The show ties in tightly with the community, encouraging community involvement. The “Local Heroes” segment celebrates those who have kept us free, safe and rocking!

The show features lead vocalist/guitarist DAVID VICTOR, formerly of the legendary band BOSTON fronting a seasoned group of world-class musicians accompanied by evocative video produced by Emmy and MTV Award Winning Video Director Jeffrey Clark. But this show is not about the musicians or visuals only; ROCK STARS & STRIPES is about AMERICA, our nation, our people and our shared musical heritage. The wide-ranging, patriotic appeal of ROCK STARS & STRIPES and the show’s community focus will make it a hot ticket and a year-round successful event.

“Rock Stars and Stripes blew our audience away. In today’s performing environment it is hard to find REAL live music performed by outstanding musicians with exceptional vocals, and Rock Stars and Stripes exceeds all expectations. Not only is the music performed to perfection, but the entire crew, led by David Victor, is engaging and entertaining. Incorporating the honoring of local heroes and a philanthropic endeavor for a local charity into the performance only enhances the show. David Victor’s passion for giving back, learning about the communities they perform in, and making a difference is truly genuine and from the heart. I couldn’t be more pleased with the mark they made in Saginaw and I look forward to remaining friends and seeing the entire team again.”

Stacey Gannon
Executive Director
Temple Theatre Foundation
Saginaw, Michigan 

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