About David Victor Presents

Connecting with audiences.

DAVID VICTOR PRESENTS is a musical event production company and the creation of vocalist/guitarist David Victor. DVP delivers family-friendly rock ‘n roll shows that emphasize what’s best about American music: freedom of expression and celebration of life. DVP features a variety of shows and performances which tour nationally.

dv-points-axs-tv1David has been a lifelong musician and performer. His career has spanned over 30 years of recording and performing, ranging from neighborhood bands to international recognition for original work and national status as vocalist and guitarist with the multi-platinum rock group BOSTON. Constants throughout David’s career have been the drive and desire for musical and performance perfection, to deliver the best performance to his audience and to connect with the communities where he performs in a meaningful way.

When touring with BOSTON, David observed that it was difficult for a touring musician to appreciate the communities in which they performed. Arrival by bus late at night or in the wee hours of the morning did not leave opportunity to connect with locals or appreciate the history of the area. Often, the only indication of the city in which the band was performing was a piece of duct tape on the stage with the city’s name! The band was in and out of there without really knowing anything about where they had just performed.

David Victor on tour with BOSTON in 2014As a result of David’s experience, he set out to create an organization that understands communities matter, and as a result many DVP shows offer meaningful connections to the local community. BOSTYX often performs and integrates a local choir to perform with the band. ROCK STARS & STRIPES integrates scenes from the local community, its people, the audience and sponsors into a multimedia video wall that is key to the show. The show also makes as its center point a recognition of Local Heroes: those that have secured us, protected us, and provided us the freedom of expression that has made our nation’s incredible music a light for the world. Shows are also often linked to a local or national charity to help give back.

In every way possible, DAVID VICTOR PRESENTS strives to connect with audiences while delivering first-class “national act” caliber entertainment.